McGraw-Hill Inspire Science Investigator

Design development for a series of digital informational science articles. Students develop research and reading skills while exploring work being done by scientists and engineers in the real-world (50+ articles, grades 2-6).

Pearson tell

Visual design environment for IOS Test of English Language Learners app. Selected as a 2016 EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award Finalist for Language Learning Solutions (500+ screens, 2500+ assets, grades K-12).

National Geographic Learning/Cengage impact

A 2017 five-level series that encourages self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation in the classroom.

Pearson Auténtico

Program branding, cover concept, design and development for middle school and high school Spanish program.

Pearson iLit

Concept and visual design environment for a cutting edge reading program aimed at struggling readers. The first and only core reading program built and delivered on the iPad (3,500+ screens created, grades 4-10).

McGraw-Hill Everyday Mathematics

UI design, UX design, concept, and visual design environment for elementary level digital math games (50+ print game titles, 20+ digital games developed, grades K-6).

McGraw-Hill Everyday Mathematics

Design development for 2016 EM cover series (Grades K-6).

McGraw-Hill World of Wonders

Design development for 2017 World of Wonders, an early childhood literacy program focused on social-emotional development. (grade Pre-K, 384+ pages).

McGraw-Hill Networks

Cover development for 2017 REVERE Award Winner Networks, a whole curriculum-social sciences and history program.

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Explorer Magazine

Design development for Explore: Magazine Series.

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Percpectives

Visual Design development for a four-skills series in American and British English. Guided language lessons, real-world stories, and TED Talks motivate learners to think creatively and communicate effectively.

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Ladders Common Core Readers

Cover development and branding for a leveled common core reading program.

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Ladders Science

Differentiated leveled readers covering high-interest science topics (24 titles, 700+ pages).

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Ladders Social Studies

Differentiated leveled readers covering high-interest social studies topics (108 titles, 3240 pages).

McGraw-Hill Inspire Science

Program branding and prototyping for a digitally driven science program.

Pearson Social Studies

Program branding, cover concept, design and development for a 2016 digitally driven middle school and high school social studies program (Grades 8-12).

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Global Issues

Approachable leveled readers featuring dramatic National Geographic photography. Series goes in depth discussing current global social, political and environmental concerns (36 titles, 1150+ pages, grades 6-8).

McGraw-Hill My Math

Consumable math program with an intuitive kid-friendly lesson format. A national contest was held where students were asked to design the "doodle" covers themselves (6 covers, 3 titles and 1350 pages).

National Geographic Learning/Cengage World Cultures and Geography

Program branding, interior prototyping and cover development for a digitally driven world cultures and geography program (Grades 6-9).

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Exploring Science

Elementary science program introducing students to real-world science research with National Geographic explorers, scientists, and photographers (800+ pages, grades 3-6).

Pearson myWorld

Program branding, cover concept, design and development for a digitally driven geography, history and social studies program (Grades K-12).

Pearson/Scott Foresman Owl

Cover development, branding and marketing communications for a PreKindergarten textbook program.

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Our World

An internationally marketed series that uses children's songs, games, and activities to introduce very young learners to English.