Three Communication Design... 3CD for short

We are a Chicago design firm which has been collaborating with clients since 1989. Over the years, we’ve especially enjoyed designing for kids through educational products and interactive projects but we continue to serve clients of all kinds. (Balance is a good thing!)

We participate in all aspects of the design process for print, web, mobile and interactive media: concept creation, prototyping, branding, identity, visual design implementation, UX, UI, production management, content development, strategic planning, art direction, illustration, image research, and image permissioning.

3CD consists of our principals and a diverse group of design professionals. Every project that passes through our shop is created through an active exchange of ideas between you (the client) and 3CD. We find that the shared energy of this collaborative design process is most likely to yield creative results that meet and frequently exceed your expectations.

Have a look around... we hope you’ll agree!

Meet the Crew

Tony Porto, Mitch Rice, Daniel Casadas, Janet Schmid, and Rebecca Wittmuss.